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Dear friend of Israel, if you have found yourself here, you are ready to stand with Israel now. 
We have two asks:
1. Pray daily for the world to know, that the God of Israel is the only God.
2. If you can joyfully do it, complete this form to give a monthly donation.

Please Note all Donations are 501 C3 Tax Deductible.


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Stand with Israel Now

All Donations go directly to the General Fund to Support Boneh Israel

We at Boneh Israel strive to send 99% of all donations to non-profit organizations in Israel.

Larger donations can be made out to the BONEH FUND  and sent to:

BONEH FUND 5411 Acton Highway Granbury TX 76049  817.326.5871

You may ask, Why $7.00, $77.00, $777.00 ?


1. We want the amount to be small enough ($7.00), to avoid being a burden on any one family. Yes, a few families can, have, and will give larger amounts. Those larger donations are needed, but $7.00 is enough to continuously encourage us in our work. 

2. The number 7 is the Lord's number of perfection and 7.00 is perfection to the 3rd degree! Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  

3. It was an American Airlines 777 passenger jet that carried the 5 Red Heifers to Israel from JFK Airport NY!

Please pray and ask the Lord if it is in His will, for you to help us as we seek to give glory to God as our work helps unify our Jewish Fathers of faith with the Children of faith grafted into the fig tree. If the Lord says yes, then give. The family, of the God of Abraham, will be blessed.

Welcome to the team! Shalom to you, your family and friend

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