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A bit of light in all of the darkness...


A bit of light in all of this darkness..

The beautiful brotherhood of the people of Israel is being revealed! 🇮🇱

Volunteers from all over the country are coming together to do whatever they can to help out in this crazy situation.

And thanks to those who’ve already donated and continue to donate, Boneh Israel is able to bring food and basic supplies to some of the 300,000 soldiers who drafted to the reserves, and also to the many citizens who’ve lost their homes or have been evacuated.

We’ve already started packing 500 bags with the different supplies, and we are looking to reach 10,000!

Each bag costs $65 and we need your help to be able to reach our goal of 10,000 bags!

If you want to help support Israel during these tough times please donate click the donate button below!

Every dollar counts!


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